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Conference Papers


  • Plenary I - Incorporating Spatial Consideration in Fisheries Management and Policy 
  • Plenary II - Economic Advice for the Common Fisheries Policy: Catching up with biological advice
  • Plenary III Status and trends of Global Fish Trade
  • Best practices in aquaculture sector
  • Community-led coastal development and the relationships between human activities and ecosystem services
  • Economic data collection, new data needs and best practices
  • Fishermen's behaviour, economic entrepreneurship in a changing environment
  • Fishery management: the bottom-up approach (the role of stakeholders)
  • Fishing effort management
  • Governance of Marine Fisheries

  • Impact assessment of management plans and bio-economic models
  • Landing Obligation
  • Marine strategy: Economic Indicators for sustainability monitoring
  • Market benefits from eco-labeling/certification
  • Markets and marketing of fish products
  • Rights-based management approaches
  • Social dimension of fishery and role of small scale fishery