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Conference Papers

Rights-based management approaches

  • Hand in hand: Using discretionary policies to mitigate some of the perceived negative effects of the Icelandic ITQ system (Slides)

            Sveinn Agnarsson (University of Iceland, Iceland), Vifill Karlsson

  •  Structure and main characteristics of the Icelandic Fishing Industry (Slides)

             Olafur Klemensson (Central Bank of Iceland, Iceland), Ogmundur Knutsson


  • The Icelandic lumpsucker fishery as a Responsive Fisheries Management System (Slides)

             Sveinn Agnarsson (University of Iceland, Iceland), Jonas R. Vidarsson and Sigridur Sigurdardottir


  • ITQ Ownership in the Netherlands, developments during two decades (Slides)

            Hans van Oostenbrugge (LEI Wageningen UR, Netherlands), Katell Hamon, Mike Turenhout


  • The fishery management: bottom-up approach (the role of stakeholders) 

             Alagie Sillah (Department of Fisheries, Gambia)