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Conference Papers

Plenary Session I

  • Incorporating Spatial Consideration in Fisheries Management and Policy

            Keynote Speaker Christopher Costello (Bren School, UC Santa Barbara and NBER)    



Plenary Session II

  • Status and trends of global fish trade

             Keynote Speaker: Audum Lem (Deputy Director FIP Secretary FAO - COFI FT GLOBEFISH)    


  • The European market observatory (EUMOFA)

             Keynote Speaker   Xavier Guillou (European Commission DGMARE)      



Plenary Session III

  • Economic advice for the Common Fisheries Policy: catching up with biological advice

Opening Speech: Riccardo Rigillo (Director-General for Marittime Fisheries and Aquaculture. Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Italy)  - Video -                  


Keynote speaker: Ernesto Penas Lado (European Commission DG-MARE Director of the Directorate A, Policy development and co-ordination‎)  Video          


Governance of Marine Fisheries and Biodiversity Conservation: Serge Michel Garcia (IUCN. CEM Fisheries Expert Group)   (Slide) - Video-