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Conference Papers

Markets and marketing of fish products

  • Product-oriented approach in marketing of fisheries and aquaculture products (Slides)

             Ekaterina Tribilustova (Eurofish International Organisation, Denmark)

  •  Presentation and analysis of the recent developments of trade in tuna products: an EU perspective (Slides)

              Nicolas Dross (DG Trade, European Commission)


            Ogmundur Knutsson (University of Akureyri, Iceland), Ólafur Klemensson, Helgi Gestsson


  • The German whitefish market: an application of the LA/AIDS model using retail-scanner-data (Slides)

             Julia Bronnmann (University of Kiel, Germany)


Bertrand Le Gallic (AMURE, University of Brest, France)


  • Fishmeal and Aquafeed: The Relationship Between Feed Component and Salmon Prices in a Maturing Aquaculture Industry (Slides)

             Atle Oglend (University of Stavanger, Norway ), Frank Asche


  • Integration in Brazilian shrimps market (Slides)

             Ruth B M Pincinato (University of Stavanger, Norway), Frank Asche


  • Competition across tropical farmed fish in the EU (Slides)

                Jose Fernandez Polanco (University of Cantabria, Spain), Ignacio Llorente, Ladislao Luna


  • Duration and temporary trade (Slides)

             Hans-Martin Straume (Norwegian Business School, Norway), Frank Asche


  • Seaweed consumption in France: which market tools for which consumer? (Slides)

            Sterenn Lucas (Agrocampus-Ouest, France), Stéphane Gouin, Marie Lesueur, Quentin Lebras


  • How to reconceptualized efficiency the marketing of seafood products? -Slides-

            Stephane Gouin (AGROCAMPUS OUEST, France), Sterenn Lucas, Carole Ropars, Marie Lesueur, Dimitry Fasquel


  • Demand for Animal Protein in Norway (Slides)

            Pei Chun Liu (University of Stavanger, Norway), Ragnar Tveterås and Kristin Lien


  • The sustainability of the Sicilian seafood chain: Innovation, organizational models and value chain (Slides)

             Gioacchino Fazio (Università degli studi di Palermo, Italy), Stefano Fricano


  • An analysis of a mega fish-box scheme in France (Slides)

             Laurent Le Grel (FISH-PASS, France), Ivan Dufeu, Ronan Le Velly, Julien Noël


  • A brief comparison of the supply chain for chicken and Atlantic salmon

             Andreea-Laura Cojocaru (University of Stavanger, Norway)


  • Testing for market integration between ex-vessel markets for cod in Norway

             Ingrid Kristine Pettersen (Capia AS, Norway), Frank Asche


  • Resilience of the international seafood market to trade restrictions. Evidence from the Russian ban in 2014

            Arina Motova (European Commission Joint Research Center, Italy), Fabrizio Natale