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Conference Papers

Marine strategy: Economic Indicators for sustainability monitoring

  • Homo Economicus meets Homo Politicus: A comparison between preferences of EPA bureaucrats, recreational anglers, and the public (Slides)

              Håkan Eggert (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Mitesh Kataria, Elina Lampi


  •  Cost-effectiveness of monitoring within the MSFD: The Southern Eastern Bay of Biscay case study (Slides)

             Arantza Murillas-Maza (Fundacion AZTI, Spain), María C. Uyarra


  • Testing for persistence & volatilty in marine diversity indexes (Slides)

             Ikerne Del Valle (University of The Basque Country, Spain), Kepa Astorkiza


  • Measuring the Maritime Economy: Spain in the European Atlantic  Arc (Slides)

            Javier Fernandez-Macho (University of the Basque Country, Spain)