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Conference Papers

Landing Obligation

  • Introduction: the CFP and Landing Obligation (Slides)

            Erik Lindebo  (Environmental Defense Fund, United Kingdom)

  • Socio-economic impact of landing obligation for the Dutch demersal fisheries (Slides)

            Mike Turenhout (LEI Wageningen UR, Netherlands), Batsleer Jurgen

  • Successful Implementation of the Landing Obligation in Swedish Fisheries (Slides)

            Andrea Giesecke (Environmental Defense Fund, United Kingdom)

             Rosa Caggiano (MEDAC- Mediterranean Advisory Council, Italy)

  • Empowering fishermen towards the landing obligations, with their own technical solutions (Slides)

            Lars O. Mortensen (Technical University of Denmark , Denmark), Hans Jakob Olesen, Josefine Egekvist, Anna Rindorf, Clara Ulrich

  • Reducing Discards in EU fisheries: introducing our toolkit (Slides)

            Erik Lindebo (Environmental Defense Fund, United Kingdom)       

  • Modelling fishers' response to discard prevention strategies: the case of the North Sea saithe fishery (Slides)

            Sarah Simons (Thünen-Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany), Ralf Döring, Axel Temming

  • BioEconomic Impact of Landing Obligation Policy in Spanish fleets Operating in Iberian Waters under a MSY long term management framework (Slides)

            Raúl Prellezo (Fundacion AZTI, Spain), Jose Castro, Santiago Cerviño Jose Maria DaRocha, Dorleta Garcia, Paz Sampedro

  • Costing the implementation of the Landing Obligation in Irish demersal fisheries: preliminary results from gear trial trip level economic surveys and bioeconomic modelling (Slides)

             Richard Curtin (BIM Irish Sea Fisheries Board, Ireland), Ronan Cosgrove, Emmet Jackson and Michael Keatinge, Norman Graham

  • Effects of the EU CFP discard landing obligation analyzed with an ecosystem model for the Gulf of Trieste

            Igor Celić (University of Trieste, Italy), Simone Libralato, Cosimo Solidoro

  • Mixed fisheries management: Can a ban on discarding promote more selective and fuel efficient fishing? (Slides)

            Jurgen Batsleer (Wageningen University/VisNed, The Netherlands), Adriaan Rijnsdorp, Katell Hamon, Harriet van Overzee, Jan Jaap Poos (Slides)

  • Choked by the implementation (slides)

             Raúl Prellezo (Fundacion AZTI, Spain), Jon Ruiz, Luis Arregi, Xabier Aboitiz