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Conference Papers

Fishermen's behaviour, economic entrepreneurship in a changing environment

  • A Trip to Reach the Target? - The Labor Supply of Swedish Baltic Cod Fishermen (Slides)

            Cecilia Hammarlund (Lund University, Sweden)

  •  Modelling Fisher Choice and Métier Dynamics: A novel application of Markov transitions (Slides)

             Sarah Davie (Marine Institute, Ireland), Cóilín Minto, Rick Officer, Colm Lordan 

  • Estimating to return to farming and fishing using a sibling approach (Slides)

            Johan Blomquist (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden), Martin Nordin and Staffan Waldo

  • Does profit maximisation drive the choice of fishing métier in Welsh fisheries? (Slides)

            Giulia Cambiè (Bangor University, United Kingdom), Julia Pantin, Harriet Salomonsen, Michel J. Kaiser

  • The Pulse Beam Trawl in the North Sea Brown Shrimp Fishery– does it pay off? (Slides)

             Jorg Berkenaghen, Daniel Stepputtis, Petr Zajicek