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Conference Papers

Economic data collection, new data needs and best practices

  • EU fishing coastal communities, fishing grounds and markets. Spatial relations and dependencies emerging from the analysis of high resolution fishing activity data from the AIS system  (Slides)

            Fabrizio Natale (European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy), Maurizio Gibin, Alfredo Alessandrini, Michele Vespe

  • Public aid and the EU fish processing industry: an economic analysis of drivers and trends in performance

             Alessandra Borrello (European Commission Joint Research Centre, Italy),  Simkje Kruiderink

  •  New data needs and best practices in data collection systems (Slides)

              Ekaterina Tribilustova (Eurofish International Organisation, Denmark)

  •  Application of the PIM method for the valuation of the capital value of the Finnish fllet: economic and policy implications (Slides)

              Heidi Pokki (Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finland), Jarno Virtanen and Simo Karvinen

  •  Application of Perpetual Inventory Method for the valuation of the capital value of the Finnish fleet: Comparison between microeconomic and macroeconomic approaches (Slides)

              Jarno Virtanen (Natural Resources Institute, Finland), Heidi Pokki and Simo Karvinen

  •  Profit and invisible resource rent in fisheries - revisited (Slides)

             Knut Heen (University of Tromso, Norway), Ola Flaaten, Thórólfur Matthíasson

  • Overcoming the challenges of gathering, managing and improving the quality of seafood processing industry data over time -Slides-

            Tsvetina Yordanova (Seafish, United Kingdom)

  • A bio-economic data analysis on the state of resources and the economic performance of Italian fishing fleet (Slides)

            Rosaria F. Sabatella (NISEA Fishery and Aquaculture Research Organisation, Italy), Alessandro Mannini 

  • Fisheries economic and fisheries effort analyses: the need for a ‘one stop shop’ for data definitions, coding and regulatory requirements (Slides)

            Jörg Berkenhagen (Thünen-Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany), S. Holmes, C. Ribeiro, F. Scott, M. Elliott, K. Verlé, I. Vukov, J. Dalskov, J. Egekvist, A. Baikov, A. Ahvonen, P. Korhonen, S. Leonardi, S. Demanèche, I. Tzouramani, A. Papoutsis, L. Labanchi, I. Davidjuka, O. Ozernaja, I. Jakovleva, A. Balnis, M. Aquilina, E. Muscat, K. Hamon, E. Avdic, A. Paulrud, K. Ringdahl, T. Reilly, A. A. Calvo Santos