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Conference Papers

Community-led coastal development and the relationships between human activities and ecosystem services

             Luca Mulazzani (University of Bologna, Italy), Roberta Trevisi, Rosa Manrique and Giulio Malorgio


  • Local fishing comminities and nature based tourism

             Alberto Ansuategi (University of the Basque Country, Spain), Duncan Knowler, Tobias Schwoerer, Salvador Garcia-Martinez


  • Economics of German Inland Fisheries

            Michael W. Ebeling (University of Applied Sciences , Germany)


  • A New Approach in Shark Fisheries Concertation: Experimental Field Study in Colombian Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean (ETP)

             Cecile Brigaudeau (University des Requins et des Hommes, France), Juan Camilo Cardenas, Cesar Mantillo Ribero