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Conference Papers

Best practices in aquaculture sector

  • The economics of escaped farmed salmon  (Slides)

            Frank Asche (University of Stavanger, Norway), Atle Guttormsen, Kristin Roll

  • Learning-by-doing or technological LEAPFROGGING: production frontiers and efficiency measurement in Norwegian production of juvenile almonids (Slides)

            Hilde Ness Sandvold (University of Stavanger, Norway), Frank Asche, Ragnar Tveterås

            Leonidas Papaharisis (Nireus Aquaculture SA, Greece), Lamprakis Avdelas

  • From sector specific nitrogen policies to a common individual transferable quota system - Sector and Macroeconomic Implication (Slides)
     Lars-Bo Jacobsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Rasmus Nielsen Max Nielsen

  • The importance of live-feed traps - farming marine fish species (Slides)

            Rasmus Nielsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Max Nielsen, Tenaw Gedefaw Abate, Benni Winding Hansen, Per Meyer Jepsen, Josianne Spøttrup and Kurt Buchmann

  • Production Risk and Technical Efficiency in Aquaculture: A Study of Tilapia Farming in Bangladesh (Slides)

             Md Akhtarul Alam (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway)

  • The Impact of Community-Based Aquaculture on Poverty and Inequality: Evidence from Seasonal Floodplain Areas of Bangladesh (Slides)

             Atle Guttormsen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway), Md. Akhtaruzzaman Khan, A.B.M. Mahfuzul Haque, M.M. Dey

  • Conversion from Rice to Fish Farm in Bangladesh: Efficiency and Productivity Perspectives (Slides)

             Atle Guttormsen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway  Md. Akhtaruzzaman Khan


  • Economics of Trout Grow-out Systems - A qualitative Benchmarking of Typical Farms in Germany, Denmark and Turkey (Slides)

            Tobias Lasner (Thünen-Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany) co-author: Rasmus Nielsen


  • Impact of a biomitigating aquaculture technology on production and environment: the case of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) (Slides)

            Duncan Knowler (University of the Basque Country, Spain), Gregor Reid,  Hossein Ayouqi


             Lamprakis Avdelas (University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom), Leonidas Papaharisis, Sofia Galinou-Mitsoudi


  • How to cope with mass mortality of bivalves? A few lessons drawn from several case studies around the world (Slides)

            Sophie Pardo (University of Nantes, France), Guillotreau Patrice, Bundy Alida, Cooley Sarah, Defeo Omar, Le Bihan Véronique


  • Economic Optimization of Species Composition for Emission Neutral Offshore Aquaculture Production

            Michael W. Ebeling (Thünen-Institute of Sea Fisheries, Germany)